Workshops (1-2 hour sessions)


Singing Together! - Singing in collaboration with others can be an amazing experience. Participants in this workshop will practice singing as part of a vocal team and will also engage in guided discussions pertaining to the personal and communal purposes, responsibilities, benefits, challenges, and potential for growth for singers within a choir/ensemble setting.

Singers as Musicians - This workshop guides singers to focus on more than the words and the notes on the page, drawing out concepts related to phrasing, style, expression, and communication of meaning. It also includes an exploration of vocal tone color and how to employ a range of timbres for authentic and effective communication of a given style of music or particular song.

Harmonizing by Ear - This interactive workshop presents activities and practice techniques to help participants build their capacity for improvising vocal harmonies.


Singing, a Full-Body Experience - This active workshop focuses on breath function and control, skeletal alignment, voice placement and resonance, vowel formation, consonant articulation, and etcetera, building the singers' capacity for beautiful sound production through a better understanding of the physiology of singing.

Unsightly Singing - Too often singers forget that they are seen while they are heard. The visual aspects of singing affect an audience's understanding and reception of the music and its message. This workshop guides singers to consider and apply concepts related to stage presences and physical expression to improve performance presentation and create a stronger connection between the sight and sound of singing.

Voice Master Class - Several singers perform and receive feedback in a master class setting, and non-performing participants have the opportunity to hear/observe the performance and feedback, ask questions, and/or comment as appropriate.

Singing for Those Who "Can't Sing" - This session is geared to those who have been told (or who have told themselves) that they "can't sing." Participants are guided in a safe and encouraging environment to explore their voices, to sing simple songs with others without judgement, and to experience first-hand the joy of communal engagement and expression through music.

Worship Team Vocalists: Vocal Production and Technique - This interactive group vocal coaching session with the singers on your worship team focuses on topics related to vocal production and technique.

Worship Team Vocalists: Vocal Blend and Harmony Singing - This interactive vocal coaching session with the singers on your worship team focuses on training the ear to build better vocal blend and on developing a capacity for harmony improvisation.

Worship Team Vocalists: Communication and Worship Leading - This participatory session focuses on the role of a worship team vocalist in leading the congregation in worship. Activities and discussions include concepts related to meanings and modes of worship, physical expressions of worship, responsibilities of worship leaders, stage presence, communication of meaning, and interaction with congregation members on and off the stage.

Worship Team Vocalists: From Choir Member to Praise Team Vocalist - While there are certainly similarities between singing in a choir and singing as a worship team vocalist, the structure of the ensemble, the style of the music, the rehearsal process, and the presentation are not the same. This session centers around activities and guided discussions helpful to choir singers who desire to transition effectively into the role of a worship team vocalist.

Church Choir Singers - This interactive session, tailored to choral singing in the church choir setting, focuses on topics such as vocal production and technique, blend, and communication as well as the choir's ministry in the church.


Engagement, Efficiency, and Excellence in the Choral Rehearsal - This session explores how to lead an effective rehearsal, including topics related to planning and preparation, structure and delivery, and singer motivation.

Building Capacity for Part-Singing - This session addresses the structure and difficulty levels of the most common types of part-singing and presents effective strategies for helping children through adult singers build capacity for successful part-singing.

A Child's Voice - This session explores a variety of child-friendly instructional ideas to help young singers develop healthy vocal technique and beautiful tone production.

Making the Most of Vocal Warm-Ups - Vocal warm-ups are for more than warming up the vocal cords! This session explores how to infuse technique development, build music literacy, and prepare for specific repertoire considerations during rehearsal warm-ups.

How to Train Kids...or Monkeys - This presentation offers Ten Top Tips for effectively teaching groups of children in the performing arts arena.

Repertoire Selection - In this session, participants will discuss important considerations for selecting repertoire for choral performances, including voicing, complexity, style, historical and cultural context, skill development, and concert sequence.


Bucket Band! - This hands-on workshop explores the components of a highly fun and entertaining Bucket Band. (Yes, this is a band made out of buckets and other non-instruments!) This session focuses on tried-and-true techniques for composing, rehearsing, and conducting a Bucket Band ensemble with children and young teens. And, of course, workshop participants get to play on buckets during the session!

Crash Course in Music Theory - This workshop, geared toward instrumentalists, presents the basics of chord theory and its application in music performance.


Talk with Rachel about designing a customized workshop to meet the specific needs of your situation!

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Clinics (half or full day)



This half or full day event will be a combination workshop-rehearsal session with your choir. It will infuse relevant content from various Workshops topics (see here), tailored to the needs of your specific choir. If desired, the clinic can be designed to incorporate your choir's current repertoire. A choral clinic is a great way to kick off your choral season, make final refinements for a major performance, engage in a special choral community-building activity, and raise the level of musicianship in your ensemble!


Provide a half or full day training and development event for the vocalists on your Worship Team! Select several topics from the Workshops offerings (see here) to create a customized experience that will meet the current needs of your Worship Team Vocalists and empower them for more effective ministry.


Present a half or full day professional development experience for directors. Select several topics from the Workshops offerings (see here) to provide a variety of training opportunities for your attendees.

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Extended Engagements (multi-day)



Rachel is available for multi-day workshop/clinic/conducting/performance events. Talk with her about your idea for a recurring collaboration, a special weekend event, a week-long arts camp, or other extended engagement located anywhere in the United States.

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Short-Term Private Lessons (1-6 sessions)



Preparing for an upcoming audition or special performance? Schedule a series of vocal coaching sessions with Rachel for individualized instruction to take your performance to the next level. Private coaching session will be tailored to the needs of the individual, focusing on concepts related to vocal production, artistic interpretation, stage presence, and expressive communication. Vocal coaching is available in-person at Rachel's home studio or online through Zoom.


Practicing musicians who want to develop their understanding of the basics of music theory can schedule a series of music theory coaching sessions with Rachel. Private lessons will be tailored to the needs of the individual, focusing on concepts such as chord relationships, common progressions, easy transposition, and practical applications. Music theory lessons are available in-person at Rachel's home studio or online through Zoom.


Are you a pianist who can read music but feels at a loss in a worship band setting where the sheet music is nothing but lyrics and guitar chords? Schedule a series of lessons with Rachel to learn the basics of piano chord structures and patterning and to gain insights on how to improvise effectively from a worship music chord chart or lead sheetPrivate lessons will be tailored to the individual needs and skill level of the pianist. Lessons are available in-person at Rachel's home studio or online through Zoom.

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