Rachel Morgan Im is a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Her phenomenal talent as an educator, performer, and conductor makes her the triple threat that nurtures our choirs to their highest and best potential. Her ability to think outside of the box and create in any circumstance was tested as she turned to video editing to create virtual choir performances during an unforeseen pandemic. The students under her baton, either in person or remote, accelerate in their vocal ability, in music theory, in polyrhythms through instruments or step routines, and personal excellence. All of this talent certainly shines the most through her own compositions that can only come to this world through such an innovated mind. 

Jenna Daly, Artistic Director

Children's Chorus of Carroll County


 We at Redland Baptist Church have been blessed by the leadership of Rachel Morgan Im for many years as she has directed our community summer camp student choirs. Her expertize in teaching young voices is unmatched. Musicianship and performance levels are raised while the students learn with great enjoyment under her leadership. 


Rachel’s musicianship, wealth of knowledge, and experience all come together in wonderful ways as she leads her groups. It is so exciting to watch as her students discover and develop their voices. Rachel brings excitement and creativity to each rehearsal. The results are her students really shine during performance; all while having great fun. Parents are always appreciative of the way she works with their children. 

Rachel cares about and for her students. She brings great insights and heart to the relationship of director and singer. 


Rachel is a talented and gifted singer with a wide vocal range. Her beautiful singing demonstrates both power and great sensitivity.

Bill Archer, Director of Music and Ministries

Redland Baptist Church



That video was fantastic!!!!!! Rachel, you are amazingly creative and talented! Everything was done so well!

I am so happy that you all enjoyed performing my composition, and I can't tell you how happy it made me watching it!

Please congratulate all the members of the Chorus on an outstanding performance!


Jill Gallina, Composer

Jill and Michael Gallina Music


 Rachel Im is professional, efficient, and creative!


At Bello Machre, we provide homes, support, and loving care for people with developmental disabilities throughout Maryland. We needed to make a video of a home tour for prospective families. Rachel provided three high quality amazing videos for three of our accessible community homes. We met with her to go over the project and she ran with it. She scripted, videoed, compiled, edited, and produced a high-quality product. I would highly recommend Rachel Morgan Im!!


Tracy Lynott, Development Director

Bello Machre


 With the onset of COVID-19, the possibility to gather in-person for worship was impossible for many weeks. Through Rachel’s innovation we were able to present professional recordings of worship services of the highest quality. She has a great attention to detail, even coming to our worship space at various times of day to capture still shots with a perfect balance of sunlight and color. She maintains technical expertise as well as artistic savvy.

Rachel has an intuitive affinity for video quality that I believe is essential for this line of work. I highly recommend her for any position that highlights her technical, artistic, and intuitive skills as a video editor, technician, and artistic expert.


Kathy L. Altman, Pastor

Sandy Mount United Methodist Church

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