Private Music Lessons
in Owings Mills, Maryland



Develop your vocal skills and artistry. Rachel provides teens and adults of all skill levels vocal training tailored to their needs and interests. Build your vocal capacity, increase your musicianship skills, hone your artistic interpretation, and develop greater performance confidence.


Beginner Piano

Start your piano adventure! Rachel provides a solid foundation in piano and musicianship skills for beginner players of any age – children through adults!

Worship Piano

Can you read and perform piano music but feel at a loss in a worship band setting? Rachel teaches how to improvise effectively from a worship music chord chart.

(Beginner & Worship Music)


Do you have a background in music but little experience with conducting? Schedule a series of conducting coaching sessions with Rachel to build a solid foundation of effective conducting gestures, repertoire selection, and score study to help you step onto the podium with confidence.


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