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Private Music Lessons
in Owings Mills, Maryland

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Teens & Adults
60 minutes weekly

45 minutes weekly

Develop your vocal skills and artistry. Rachel provides pre-teen, teen, and adult singers of all skill levels vocal training tailored to their needs and interests. Build your vocal capacity, increase your musicianship skills, hone your artist interpretation, and develop greater performance confidence.


30 minutes weekly

Teens & Adults
30 minutes weekly
- or -
60 minutes weekly

Start your piano adventure!

Rachel provides a solid foundation in piano and musicianship skills for beginner and intermediate players of any age - children through adults.

Get ready to play in a band or jam with friends. Rachel provides training on how to improvise effectively from a music chord chart. This option is available only for teens and adults with prior piano experience.

PIANO lessons


Singing While Playing

Teens & Adults
60 minutes weekly

prior piano experience requried

Learn to accompany your own singing!

Teens and adults who already posses at least early-intermediate piano proficiency can pair piano and voice training in these special Singing While Playing lessons. Rachel teaches you to read and improvise effectively from a music chord chart so that you can accompany yourself while you sing. Vocal coaching is incorporated into these lessons as you learn to play and sing at the same time.


In voice lessons with [Ms. Rachel], not only did I gain a much better understanding of my voice, but also a greater confidence that really helped my singing.

Margaret F.

teen student

Voice lessons with Ms. Rachel have been a wonderful gift for my daughter, who greatly enjoys developing her vocal talent with a very professional, gifted, and kind teacher. Ms. Rachel chooses wonderful pieces that our entire family enjoys hearing my daughter perform with confidence and skill. We highly recommend Ms. Rachel, so that others might benefit from her expertise  and instruction, just as my daughter has!

Cathy M.

parent of student

Taking lessons with Rachel Morgan Im has been fun, enlightening, and enriching. I've gotten to a place where I never thought I'd be as a pianist. I'd recommend her to everyone!

Lana M.

adult student

Interested in Lessons?

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