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VOCALIST and PERCUSSIONST for Masters Recital

On Saturday, June 19th, I was so pleased to perform as a vocalist and percussionist for the Masters Conducting Recital of Noël Gorman Veihmeyer. It was a particularly special day for me because Noël was my COLLEGE ROOMMATE!

This was also quite an emotional event, as it was the first time since mid-March of 2020 that I have heard choral singing in person.

I began singing in ensembles at a very young age. In fact, up until this pandemic, I possessed absolutely no memories of life without participating in choral ensembles as either a singer or conductor.

After a year-and-a-half devoid of corporate music-making, I am convinced now more than ever how vital that act is... and how human.

I am so thankful to finally be able to make music with others in person again. And, I can't think of a better way to have jumped back into choir life than by performing with the other talented singers in this particular recital.

And... congratulations, Roommate!!! :-D

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