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CONCERT INFO: May 2nd Virtual Concert Premiere!

One of the most wonderful things about choirs is the community... the togetherness. We unite our voices, our minds, and our hearts in song.

Cue pandemic. Curtains on in-person singing and performances.

This year, my colleagues and I at the Children’s Chorus of Carroll County have run a fully virtual choral season for our students. Nothing about this choral year was “normal.”

But what is a more powerful beacon of hope than singing into silence? Than carrying a candle in the dark?

We need music. And, we need each other.

Our chorus community is so excited to be resuming in-person rehearsals starting next season.

But, before that, we invite everyone to join us on Sunday, May 2nd, at 3:00 pm Eastern Time for the premiere of our 2021 Virtual Spring Concert! Here's your invitation:

A celebration of music, this concert features all four of our performing choirs. You’ll enjoy folk song arrangements from several different cultures as well as songs about the joys of music-making and the power of community.

It will be fun to experience the premiere together, even while we’re apart. During the premiere, I and the other conductors will host a Live Chat so performers and audience members can interact in real time.

Join us!

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