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ARTICLE: Concert Season, Pandemic-Style

Imagine the energy, the sparkle, and the chaos of those four weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Now, on top of all of that… Imagine taking the stage in front of thousands of people over the course of 17 different performance events scheduled during that same four-week period.

Rachel Morgan Im

Welcome to Concert Season.

It rolls around again in the spring, stretching from April to early June. That’s where we are now.

Sure; there are many other times of year when I’m directing and performing. But, as a professional choral director (and one who spent 15 years teaching in the classroom), November-December and April-June are by far the most intense times, with many different performance events all packed into a short time frame.

A few years ago, it struck me that I have no memories of life without this bi-annual Concert Season.

As a very young child I remember my father, a church Music Minister, producing major performance events during those times of year. And, from an early age, I began performing myself. Eventually, that developed into a career path for me.

Concert Season is a normal part of my life. And, I love it.

Then… pandemic.

Unable to perform before live audiences this year, many artists have stepped out onto the virtual stage. I have spent the last year intensely focused on refining my video editing chops to continue investing in the life of the performing arts during this challenging time.

The show must go on.

I just recently finished editing videos for one church’s Holy Week virtual services. I edited a virtual orchestra performance for another church. I created a video for an organization that invited me to perform as a virtual guest artist. And, I am currently working on about 15 different video and audio editing projects in preparation for the Children’s Chorus of Carroll County’s Virtual Spring Concert that will premiere on May 2nd (more details coming soon!).

Concert Season continues. It just looks a little different this year!

If you or someone you know needs video editing for a virtual performance, contact me! 

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