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BOOK NOW! Private Music Lessons with Rachel Morgan Im

Rachel Morgan Im Studio

Register for your private music lessons in the Rachel Morgan Im Studio!

Private weekly lessons are available in Voice, Piano, and Conducting. The studio is located in Owings Mills, MD.

It's time to take your musical skills and artistry to the next level. Book your lessons today.


Develop your vocal skills and artistry with vocal training tailored to your needs and interests. Build your vocal capacity, increase your musicianship skills, hone your artistic interpretation, and develop greater performance confidence. Voice lessons are open to teens and adults of any skill level.

Beginner Piano

Start your piano adventure with a solid foundation in piano and musicianship skills. Learn to read and perform piano music in a supportive learning environment. Beginner Piano lessons are available for beginner players of any age – children through adults!

Worship Music Piano

Are you a pianist who can read music but feels at a loss in a worship band setting where the sheet music is just lyrics and guitar chords? Build your understanding of piano chord structures and patterning and gain insights on how to improvise effectively from a worship music chord chart or lead sheet.

Conducting Coaching

Do you have a background in music but little experience with conducting? Schedule a series of conducting coaching sessions to build a solid foundation of effective conducting gestures, repertoire selection, and score study to help you step onto the podium with confidence.

It's time to take your musical skills and artistry to the next level.

Rachel Morgan Im is a freelance musician. A talented conductor, engaging teacher, and charismatic performer, she has served in such roles at local, state, and national levels. Her primary instrument is voice, but she also plays piano, djembe, and guitar. Former students have been accepted to collegiate music programs and others have earned positions as performers, music teachers, and theatre directors. Previously a full-time school music teacher, Rachel was recognized as an Outstanding Teacher and was named a Teacher of the Year Finalist for Carroll County Public Schools. She holds a Master of Music degree in Music Education from the Peabody Institute of the Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Music Education from the Conservatory of Music of Wheaton College. She has also completed masters-level coursework centered on world folk art, music, and dance at McDaniel College and has studied West African hand drumming.

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